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It’s now almost two weeks since my first book “The Spiritual Fruitcake” was published by Amazon as both an e book and a paperback. It seems an appropriate time to take stock of where we are and how it’s been received so far.

Spiritual Fruitcake in Print

The feedback and reviews I have received so far have been truly amazing. Here’s a brief selection of extracts to give you some idea of what people are saying:

“The Spiritual Fruitcake” is a “sit down and make yourself comfortable guide” to everyday life by gifted singer / songwriter Keith Forrest.

Ten years ago, during an annual Beatles Convention in Liverpool, Keith’s own fairly ordinary life was changed irrevocably by a curious mystical experience. As a result, he gave up a stressful job and affluent lifestyle and became a healer. He has, ever since, enjoyed a simpler way of life and is dedicated to helping others, and guiding them towards a happier, healthier future. This excellent little book provokes important questions about the nature of our existence on Earth, and offers insights and practical advice for finding peace, purpose and happiness in our own lives.” 

Moyra Irving, author of “Take me to the Mountain” and “Fiery Love”.   

“I read your book and, wow, it is absolutely fabulous, brilliant! This book is so delightful in many aspects – I have been fortunate to personally hear Keith’s music and knew of his healing work, but had no idea of his life’s transformation. Such a riveting story of spiritual change and trust. Incredible. You will find such wise words to help us “open our eyes” to understand more and live life in a better and more positive way, complete with acceptance of things too. Thank you for such a wonderful account, inspiring and a thought-provoking book.

Jackie Weaver, “The Animal Psychic” as featured on ITV’s “This Morning” and “Loose Women” and best-selling author.

“I just wanted to come back to you about your book. I managed to get through it much more quickly than I initially anticipated, which I imagine is a sign of how much I enjoyed it. 

I felt it was a really useful introduction into a whole range of spiritual ideas, interspersed with some fascinating personal experiences. While I found the advice aspects of the text to be helpful reminders, for me it was your own stories that really brought the piece to life, making it feel much more personable than if it was just the advice alone. I think you get the mixture right, with the stories illustrating your ideas well, though I found your anecdotes so interesting I would have been keen to read more.

As a musician and songwriter myself, I found everything you had to say about songs and music absorbing. I even took the time to find your music on Spotify. I enjoyed the whole album, though I found that the first song lifted my spirits most of all. I personally feel that the album makes an excellent accompaniment to the book.

D.M.Green. Author of “Jim and the Universe” and “Eve and the Universe”. 

“Your book is beautiful and powerful. I will definitely recommend it to many of my friends. There were parts of it that gave me goosebumps and others that left me teary-eyed. I love the story of your awakening…I want you to know the power of your story. It made me consider writing about my own spiritual journey. “

Kristi Saare Duarte. Author of “The Transmigrant”.

“This book is a life changer…Keith’s book could change the way in which you live your life. If you are interested in drawing positive energy into your life, this book tells you how to do it. I am studying and practising dowsing and much of what Keith has written resonates with what I am doing in my work. There is energy out there that you can tap into if you are prepared to open your mind and think beyond the obvious. Keith writes from the heart with honesty, integrity and humour.

My advice would be to read it and start to see improvements in how you live your life and how others interact with you.

I work with positive energy in my dousing and I am exploring its spiritual connections to. Call it the power of nature, a higher power, God or whatever it means to you. My dousing rods connect to this positivity and so does this book.

I think even the most hardened, cynical atheist would find this read hard to ignore!

David Strang.

“I read this book as soon as I knew it was available. The easy writing style and straightforward approach is not only Keith’s very transparent description of his personal journey, but an opportunity for any reader from any background or location to learn from and apply Keith’s advice and approach.

Many readers may have their own fixed starting point opinion but I started reading with an open mind. I am so glad I did.

Thought provoking yet entertaining this book is not just for “believers” but anyone prepared to accept new opinions and ideas”.

John Heffernan.

There are many books on spiritualism and healing on the market but I feel this one will resonate to each reader on a more personal level. The tips given are practical and easily incorporated into daily life to enhance enjoyment of being alive. Looking forward to the follow up.


 “Easy to read, able to pick up and put down, haven’t finished the book yet but enjoying what I have read so far. Interesting thoughts, recommend this book.”

Mrs C. Gilman.

“Highly recommended book, really good read, cannot wait for the next one to add to my reading list! Helps to give a really positive outlook on life.”

Steph. W.

“Excellent book that will give you a positive outlook on life. Very interesting read. Looking forward to the follow up book!”

Amazon customer.

“I’ve only read 10 per cent so far. It’s fantastic! And it’s like I’m reading about myself.” 

“It’s getting better and better. I was still reading at 2am this morning”. 

“I love it!”

“Our copy was delivered today and have not seen my husband yet as his head has been stuck in it since I came home from work”.

“Loved this book. If you want some positivity in your life this is the book you need to read. Looking forward to the second book.”

“Very interesting and thought provoking book”.

A big thank-you to all the people who provided the comments listed above. I am obviously delighted with the response so far and am so pleased the book is being so well received!

And hold fire for some great news: Book 2 is almost ready and will be available to pre-order in April! 

Until then: Peace, Health & Happiness


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