Believing is seeing. Music for the Mind

“Believing is seeing!”

This is the title of one of The Acoustic Rainbow songs – our music for the mind – and, no it’s not the wrong way round!

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Church Acoustics are Sound! Music for the Mind

So many of our well known sayings have deep and meaningful truths embedded in them, but sometimes they have been twisted out of shape. This is one of those.

“I’ll believe it when I see it” is probably a version you have used yourself. In other words, “I won’t believe it until I see it”. If so, read on and learn how to change your life – or better still listen to the song and believe!

Your mind is immensely more powerful than most people realise and it is busy creating everything that happens to you 24/7.

The majority of the population still believe that life “happens” to them through a random sequence of events, coincidences or synchronicities that they are relatively powerless to influence.

This is simply not the case!

You are the master creator of your own life!

Once you understand the power of your mind you can use it to attract to you anything you want- without exception. This includes financial abundance, health and wellbeing, the partner of your dreams, a new car etc etc.

“Oh yeah?  I’ll believe it when I see it!” I hear you say.

Well, the truth is that, if that is how you think, you will probably never see it!

Imagine that the universe is a giant photocopier. Every thought you have is sent out as energy and gets photocopied by the universe and sent back to you tenfold. So if you are thinking negative thoughts such as “I don’t have enough money for a new car”, that thought gets photocopied and sent back to you ten times, so you are now ten times less likely to attract the funds you need to buy the car.

We all know someone who goes around saying I get a cold every winter without fail! Why me!?” Sure enough, a few weeks into winter that same person comes down with a cold and says “I told you so!”

Your thoughts create your life. The thoughts you are having today are creating tomorrow’s experiences.

Sceptical? Want proof? Take the challenge Yourself! 

Believe and See in Music
If you Believe you will See – Music for the Mind – the answer is already there!

Here’s the good news!

Once you understand the power of your mind and positive energy, it’s a simple matter to change your thought patterns to predominantly positive ones and your life will begin to change as if by magic.

No, you don’t have to be positive all of the time- aim for about 80% and don’t criticise yourself if you “fail” sometimes. As you begin to see results, however, it will become an easier habit to remain positive than to be negative, until eventually it becomes your natural state. It is in fact your natural state, the one you were born with, but the world has systematically beaten it out of you by bombarding you with negativity via the media. We will look at that another time- but in the meantime let’s stay positive!

Back to the song title!

In order to attract anything into your life you have to have faith/belief that it will come.

In fact you need to FEEL that it is already here, even though it isn’t.

Let’s take the new car example; Negative thoughts would be:

  • “I need a new car”,
  • “my car is worn out”,
  • “I can’t afford a new car”,

Be positive and think instead

  • “my new car is on its way to me”,
  • “I am so happy with my new car”,
  • “How grateful I am to be sent a new car”etc.

Feel excited at the thought of your new car which is even now on its way to you and it will eventually arrive. It has to – that’s how the universe is wired up! “Ask and it is given” as someone once said.

Don’t ever focus on how it will come- just trust in the end result and leave the rest to the universe.

And that’s what this 3 minute pop song is all about. Music for the Mind!

Believing is Seeing! Hold your belief about something you desire and you will see it eventually manifest in your life. Here endeth the lesson!


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