From the Heart for the Soul

From the Heart for the Soul

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The association between my songwriting lyrics, my music and my role as a Reiki healer cannot be understated. 

With the publishing of my book, The Spiritual Fruitcake, many of the lessons learned with song lyrics, songwriting and the long experience with my band The Acoustic Rainbow, have aided my direction. 

In my book I talk personally about writing from the heart, an honest, transparent and very real journey to the life I now lead.

And this is a journey that can start for you with your first step.

Open your mind, remove any pre-conceptions you may have and be prepared to see the world around you, your world in a different way, a better way and a way of peace, health and happiness.

Yes you can achieve what you desire, and I clearly state that i am offering no guarantees, but that first step has to be a positive step you want to take.

With music, my lyrics resound on the theme of peace and happiness and that message is shared wherever I can. This site and my book (and indeed future books), will help you take that step.

I look forward to that journey together.

As always, written from the heart for the soul.